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Title: 麦当劳推出绿茶拿铁(Green Tea Latte)
Author: Kuyhwon Tay
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哇噢!麦当劳推出绿茶拿铁(Green Tea Latte)。 你喝过绿茶口味的拿铁咖啡吗?麦当劳从即日起推出绿茶拿铁。麦当劳的绿茶拿铁分为冷和热两种。芳香浓郁的绿茶配上丝绒般的热牛奶,顺滑甘甜...
哇噢!麦当劳推出绿茶拿铁(Green Tea Latte)。


绿茶拿铁可以在全马的 McCafe 购买,只限 Dine-in 和 Take Away。

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Then you will love the NEW Green Tea Latte and Green Tea Frappe at McCafe served with aromatic, creamy green tea topped with velvety steamed milk. 

For an added caffeine kick, top it up with a shot of espresso for only RM1. 

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