Sushi King 免费寿司!

配合Sushi King 的第100间分店的开张,Sushi King 在全国推出免费寿司大优惠。

根据Sushi King 的消息,Sushi King 在2016年4月15日(星期五)在每间分行派发100碟免费寿司,每个人只能享有一碟免费寿司。此项促销采用先到先得,派完为止的方式。



地点:全马 Sushi King 分店


Thank you for inspiring the launch of our 100th outlet. To express our gratitude, we’re giving away 10,000 plates (100 plates per outlet) of Norwegian Salmon sushi for FREE!
Our Salmon is freshly flown in from the cold clear waters of Norway, so you can enjoy the savoury goodness in every bite. We’re giving it on a First-Come, First-Served basis, so come early while stocks last on 15th April 2016!

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