你是汽车模型发烧友吗?告诉你一个好消息!马来西亚连锁电影院(Golden Screen Cinema)推出了免费派发可口可乐卡车模型的优惠。只要在2015年9月18日早上10点开始,前往GSC购买GSC Combo 3或Large Signature Combo 1零食和饮料配套,即可免费获得可口可乐卡车模型。

在西马和东马所售卖的GSC Combo 3或Large Signature Combo 1零食和饮料配套价格将会有所不同。在西马的售价是RM 15.00,而在东马是RM 15.50。记住,此项优惠将以先到先得的方式派发。

Terms and Conditions Apply.

1. 优惠从2015年9月18日早上10点开始,一直到奖品送完为止。
The offer starts from 18 Sept 2015 at 10am onwards. While stocks last.

2. 当购买一个GSC Combo 3 或 Large Signature Combo 1时,才能选择1种可口可乐卡车模型。
Patrons can choose any one (1) of the truck design for every purchase of one (1) GSC Combo 3 or Large Signature Combo 1

3. 每一种卡车模型数量有限。
Each truck design is limited and subject to availability.

4. 此项优惠不适用于GSC-Hong Leong Bank Credit Card / other GSC promotions discounts / offers 。
The offer is not valid with GSC-Hong Leong Bank Credit Card / other GSC promotions discounts / offers

5. 优惠以先到先得的方式派发。
Coca-Cola Truck must be purchased with the stated Combo on a first-come, first served basis.

6. 显示的价格已包含6%消费税。
Price stated is inclusive of 6% GST.

7. 西马、大马和GSC Signature的价格将有所不同。
Price differ in West Malaysia, East Malaysia, GSC Signature at The Gardens Mall and GSC Lite Cinemas.

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Coca-Cola Truck Combo Price
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