很多身为Golden Screen Cinema(GSC)会员的民众都不清楚这项优惠,而白白错过了获得2张免费电影票和20%零食折扣的优惠。另外只要是GSC会员也可在GSC贩卖处购买零食时享有10%折扣。注册成为GSC会员的方法:注册成为会员领取免费戏票



1. 只限GSC 网站会员。
Exclusive for GSC website members only.

2. 每个会员只限在1年内兑换2张免费戏票。
This Birthday Treat Coupon entitles the GSC website member to ONLY two (2) FREE movie tickets in a single redemption PER year.

3. 想兑换优惠的会员必须打印和填妥生日优惠券(黑白或彩色)。
To redeem FREE birthday treat, MUST PRINT out Birthday Treat Coupon (color or black & white) and fill up your details.

4. 只有完整的生日优惠券才有效。
MUST present duly completed Birthday Treat Coupon at GSC Box Office only to enjoy FREE movie.

5. 免费戏票只适用于有标号(*)的电影。
FREE ticket is valid for movie marked asterisk (*) only and valid in all GSC cinemas nationwide (except GSC Signature).

6. 3D的电影则需多缴付RM 5.50费用。
For Digital 3D movies, a RM5.50 surcharge applies.

7. 优惠券只能直接从GSC官网打印。
Original copy from only. Photocopied copies will not be accepted.

8. 会员只能在生日的整个月份享有这项优惠。
Valid only during the month of actual birthday. For example, if the member's birthday falls on March 15th, the Birthday Treat Coupon is valid from 1 – 31 March only.

9. 在兑换免费戏票的时候需要出示身份证证明身份。
Must be verified with Identification Card (IC) by GSC staff upon redemption of FREE movie ticket.

10. 免费戏票不能兑换成现金。
FREE movie ticket is not exchangeable for cash.

11. 不适合和其他优惠一起使用。
Not valid with other GSC offers.

12. Gold Class, Premiere Class and Twin Seats, MAXX 和 D-BOX不适用。
Not valid for Gold Class, Premiere Class and Twin Seats, MAXX and D-BOX.

13. 优惠券只能直接从官网打印。
Birthday Treat Coupon is available via print out from by GSC website members only.


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