Note 7 最新进展:更换S7 Edge 或 全数退款

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 从推出以来就风波不断,前阵子推出旧Note 7 更换新Note 7 的活动。不过新Note 7 还是不断发生爆炸,因此Samsung 决定全面停产、停售和召回所有 Note 7。

根据三星发布的文告,全马的电讯公司和手机零售商正式停止出售和更换 Note 7。所有 Note 7 用户有两个选择,分别是可选择把Note 7 换成 Galaxy S7 Edge或者Note 7 全数退款。

这项行动将从2016年10月13日正式开始。所有Note 7 用户可以从10月13日开始前往各自购买手机的电讯公司或零售商做出选择。用户可选择更换成 Galaxy S7 Edge 或则全数退款。


Samsung 最新行动



1. 选择把Note 7更换成 Galaxy S7 Edge

2. 选择全数退款

Samsung Galaxy Note7 Pre Order Owners to get full refund or exchange to another Samsung device

12 October 2016 - With the recent reported cases involving the Samsung Galaxy Note7, Samsung Malaysia Electronics (SME) Sdn Bhd urges all pre-order owners of Samsung Galaxy Note7 to power off their devices immediately. Pursuant thereto, the option of refund or exchange to the Samsung Galaxy S7edge will be made available for the pre-order owners provided that they return their current Samsung Galaxy Note7 accordingly.
The preorder owners will expect to be contacted from 13th October 2016 onwards by Samsung Customer Service, related mobile network operators or participating retail partners respectively on the details of the refund or exchange program.
For further inquiries, kindly contact Samsung Malaysia Careline at 1-800-88-7799. We apologise for any inconveniences caused.



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