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Title: 9月30日前需要更换Maybank 银行卡,否则被罚款 RM 200 ?
Author: Kuyhwon Tay
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注意!注意!近期在社交媒体和软件上流传,Maybank 用户必须在9月30日前更换银行卡,否则将会遭受 RM 200 的罚款。Maybank 已经出面澄清,这则消息纯属假消息。 Maybank 表...
注意!注意!近期在社交媒体和软件上流传,Maybank 用户必须在9月30日前更换银行卡,否则将会遭受 RM 200 的罚款。Maybank 已经出面澄清,这则消息纯属假消息。

Maybank 表示银行卡的更换期限是2016年12月31日,而不是如流传中的 9月30日。Maybank 也不会向来不及在2016年9月30日前更换银行卡的用户征收罚款。

Maybank 再次强调,大家应该透过 Maybank2U官网获知消息,而不要轻信社交媒体上流传的消息。另外,Maybank 也在特定分行延长办公时间,也就是星期六也开门让用户更换银行卡。

Dear Maybank Customers,

It has come to our attention that there have been SMSes, emails, FB postings, and WhatsApp messages being circulated regarding the requirement to replace your Maybank Debit cards by 30 September 2016 and that a fee of RM200 will be applicable for replacements made after 30 September 2016.

Please be informed that this message was not sent or authorised by Maybank. If you receive such a message, please ignore it. We request all customers to refer to our website at www.maybank2u.com.my for latest information on all our products and services, including card replacements.

Maybank would also like to clarify that all ATM/Debit Cards will have to be changed to the new enhanced PIN-enabled MyDebit Card soonest possible and no later than 31 December 2016.

There is no cost involved for the replacement. If you have not already done so, please change your card immediately via Maybank2u and get the new MyDebit Card delivered to you for FREE. Alternatively, visit any Maybank branch nationwide for Debit Card replacement.

Thank you.