Famous Amos 周年庆,推出 Free Extra Cookies

著名饼干品牌 Famous Amos 推出 Free Cookies。

配合 Famous Amos 庆祝33周年庆,Famous Amos 免费送30克至60克饼干。凡是从即日起前往 Famous Amos 购买200g 或 300g 的饼干,就可获得30至60g 的额外饼干。

购买 200g 饼干可免费获得额外 30g 饼干,购买 300g 饼干可免费获得额外 60g 饼干。

这项促销在全马的 Famous Amos 同步展开。喜欢吃 Famous Amos 饼干的你,怎么能错过这个优惠?赶紧前往附近的 Famous Amos 购买吧。

It’s the Famous Amos 33rd Anniversary celebrations! And we are celebrating with our beloved cookiezens! FREE cookies from us when you purchase 200g or 300g cookies in single bag!

FREE 30g - with purchase of 200g cookies in single bag

FREE 60g - with purchase of 300g cookies in single bag

Check out our Anniversary Specials at Famous Amos outlet today! See you there! ;)

*Free cookies have to be the same flavour of cookies purchase.

*Other terms & conditions apply.



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