同样Maxis配套,A人物月费RM 188,B人物只需RM 68

一名来自沙巴的Maxis 10年忠实在大马著名论坛Lowyat Forum上分享了一件发生在他身上极度不平等的事情。


我来自沙巴,我听到Maxis现在有优惠给与东马用户,但我真不清楚到底真正的优惠是什么!我听到的是我的月费折扣RM30,而我朋友(也是东马用户)听到的是额外data 2GB。

我朋友决定转去Celcom,因为Celcom offer 10GB data + 无限通话SMS(月费多少没注明),但令我感到非常生气的是当Maxis知道我朋友想转去Celcom时,他们给了我朋友我从来没看过的配套:

第1个offer :
免费Samsung Note 5 + 月费RM128 + 5GB Data + 无限通话SMS + 2年合约(我朋友拒绝了)

第2个offer :
月费RM88 + 8GB Data + 无限通话SMS + 无合约(我朋友也拒绝了)

第3个offer : 月费RM68 + 5GB Data + 无限通话SMS + 无合约(我朋友说考虑看看)



第4个offer : 月费RM68 + 7GB Data + 无限通话SMS + 无合约(这次我朋友终于接受继续签Maxis)




月费RM188 + 7GB Data + 无限通话SMS + 无合约

月费RM68 + 7GB Data + 无限通话SMS + 无合约

这Maxis完全把他们的用户当「水鱼」,还有我到现在还搞不清楚东马用户的优惠到底是折扣RM30还是额外2GB data。



我竟然忘了我还有RM1200 deposit放在Maxis帐户里,现在全部也已经不需要deposit了,这混帐Maxis竟然还不还我?问他们,竟然跟我说停约的时候才可以拿回!





我收到他们打来的号码是 03 2856 6000,这应该就是那个可以给特别offer部门了。



I’m from Sabah and now Maxis got special offer for all Sabah & Sarawak users and I don’t know what exactly is the offer because Maxis is telling me there is a RM30 discount on my plan and my friend told me that Maxis told her the offer is 2GB extra data for her.

I’m very pissed off about Maxis earlier my friend decided to change her Maxis postpaid line to the Celcom postpaid plan which come with 10gb Data + unlimited calls. So once Celcom started to port her line, Maxis directly call my friend to counter offer her with this plan below

Offer 1 : Free Samsung Note 5 + RM 128 monthly + 5GB Data + Unlimited Calls & Sms + 2 Years Contract (She rejected this offer)
Offer 2 : RM 88 monthly + 8GB Data + Unlimited Calls & Sms + No Contract (She rejected this offer)
Offer 3 : RM 68 monthly + 5GB Data + Unlimited Calls & Sms + No Contract (She say consider first please call back after 1 hour)

1 Hour passed…..

Maxis called back and she reject one more time on that offer with the reason she promised Celcom to sign with them.

Once again maxis offer her with this

Offer 4 :
RM 68 monthly + 7GB Data + Unlimited Calls & SMS + No Contract (and finally she say yes and proceed with this plan)

I’m so damn pissed when I heard this. I’m loyal Maxis customer for almost 10 Years with 5 Numbers under my IC and paying much more than my friend I didn’t get such offer from Maxis and once I call them I questioned them about the plan that my friend received upon her termination and change to Celcom.

Maxis Customer Service buat bodoh there say they don’t know anything about that and they can do nothing and can’t give me the same offer. Maxis continue says that my friend is the selected customer group for this good plan. So I questioned again how do you guys do selection? If in terms of years staying with Maxis I’m more than her, if saying usage per month I also much more than my friend. So on what basis they select their customer that can entitled to such cheap plan? Is it base on customer group who wanted to terminate the service so they are selected and I need to perform termination on Maxis and change to Celcom only they can offer me? The CS keep saying no no no.. and continue say they can’t do and dont know what can they do.

This is my main line plan

RM 188 monthly + 7GB Data + Unlimited Calls & Sms + No Contract


RM 68 monthly + 7GB Data + Unlimited Calls & SMS + No Contract (My friend plan)

This stupid Maxis is treating their loyal customer like “Water Fish” / Idiot and I decided to quit this stupid Telco and also posting this so anyone is still using Maxis out there can read on how Maxis treating us like “Water Fish”

And there is special promotion for Sabah & Sarawak Maxis customer with RM30 discount on plan / 2GB extra data I don’t know which one is true but both are telling by Maxis Customer Service. So if West Malaysian you felt unfair you can try to call Maxis and ask is this some kind of not so 1 Malaysia? Why East Malaysian getting better offer than West Malaysian.

No wonder Maxis boss can always remain at Malaysia top 3 richest man because there is too much “Water Fish” like us give donation to him.

Bye Maxis for letting me know how stupid am I this 10 years and how expensive you are.

Updated 10/03/16

called maxis again about balance to pay and check bill before i port out properly and I found that my account still have a deposit of MYR 1200 inside.. I totally forgot about this deposit that I paid many years ago. So I asked Maxis now all your plans don’t require deposit anymore and why aren’t you refunding the old deposit to us? Maxis CS say you can only get refund up on your termination of service with Maxis. I was like WTF now all no deposit but you still holding my money and don’t want to pay me back and say only terminate can refund deposit. FCK!

Update Again..

Just now went to settle my latest bill with Maxis so I can port out to Celcom and I heard the counter beside me porting in a digi customer and offering the RM68 plan with 5GB + Unlimited calls & sms. So I ask that counter CS what is with this RM68 plan then he say that this is the latest plan that Maxis going to launch tomorrow. Then I don’t give shit about what he saying and left after I did my payment.

here is my new Celcom Sim Card! I don’t give a shit if they really launch the RM68 plan tomorrow because they treated their customer like idiot and i don’t feel like staying with this Maxis anymore.

Maxis! Give me my fucking deposit worth of RM1200.00 because you told me there is no way I can get back unless I terminate the service.

Update 11/03/16

Maxis “Loyalty Department” CS just called and offer me the RM68 + 5+2GB(Sabah Sarawak Offer) + Unlimited Calls & Sms.

Then I questioned them that why I call in and request this promotion and I confirmed I’m a Maxis One Club Member + 10 years with Maxis why I dont entitle to this plan. They keep saying this is for invitation only.

And only for loyalty member. So once I asked again not because i ported out to Celcom so you give me this call? He answered NO with full confident.

So now they called me and counter offer me after I ported out to Celcom. So fucking efficient. When I reject the offer, they start defaming Celcom giving numbers don’t know from where saying Celcom 4G Sucks. Maxis is the best this and that.

After all the bullshits i got from them i insisted and say no. Then he sounds pretty pissed and ask WHY SIR WHY SIR.. I answered : Because I don’t feel like staying with Maxis anymore you guys played with your loyal customers. Then he started everything all over again..

I stop him halfway and say Decision Made. Bye Maxis. Then baru he gave up..the number i got is from 03 2856 6000 which I Believe is their so called Loyalty Department. LOL!

Anyone who want to try their luck can try calling this number and see if they can give you the same offer!

Bye Maxis and Here I COME CELCOM!

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