Maxis CEO 最新宣布!免费3GB上网数据

国内电讯公司明讯(Maxis)因提供给用户的手机配套价格可伸缩性定价,惹怒大批忠实用户,发起杯葛行动。该公司在日前通过面子书发文告解释不果,掀起更大的反弹后,今天(8日)下午3点以行动试图挽回颓势。 明讯首席执行员摩尔特伦戴和消费业务主任杜希安通过面子书发表声明。

摩尔特伦戴对顾客得到的不平等待遇道歉,紧接着交由消费业务主任杜希安作进一步的优惠说明。 杜希安表示,所有现有One Plan顾客将自动升级以同样的价格获得更多的Data,现有1GB将自动升级为5GB,3GB则将升级 到8GB。 而且,这项升级不仅限于新顾客,而是所有Maxis One Plan顾客,One Business配套下的用户也将受惠。 不过,基于这项升级从月尾才开始,因此从下星期开始,Maxis将免费提供所有用户3GB的Data。

A message from Maxis CEO Morten to our customers
There have been many questions about our plans lately and we’d like you to hear from us. Join our CEO Morten and Head of Consumer Business Dushyan as they address some of your questions.
Maxis 发布于 2016年4月8日

Maxis 表示:

We’re excited to announce that all existing One Plan customers will be automatically upgraded really soon! MaxisONE Plan 98, 128, 158 and 188 customers will be getting much more data by the end of the month!

What’s the catch? Nothing. This is an automatic upgrade, a permanent enhancement for our MaxisONE Plan customers.

Up until you receive the additional data, you'll be given 3GB FREE from 14 April onwards to tide you over to your next bill.


1. All MaxisONE Plans will soon be upgraded with much more data.

2. All existing MaxisONE Plan customers will automatically enjoy the upgrade before the end of the month.

3. Maxis will be giving all MaxisONE Plan customers free 3GB data from 14th of April to tide them over until their next bill refresh.

4. Enterprise MaxisONE Business plans will also be getting an upgrade soon.

5. Any new MaxisONE Plan customers from today onwards will also automatically get the upgrade before the end of the month.

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