1 Utama 在2月份推出的各项促销

配合农历新年以及情人节的到来,大型商场1 Utama内的多家商店推出一系列的促销活动。大家不妨趁着农历新年期间的空闲期间,前往1 Utama逛逛看看。

1. Buy One Free One promotion for ONECARD members from F.O.S. Only on 17th February 2016, so don't miss it! T&C apply.

2. Exclusively for ONECARD members from now till 30th June 2016. Buy any Bingo Chic set and get one fizzy fruity tea FREE. T&C apply. 

3. TOMS : Special offer from 12 - 14 February 2016! ONECARD members get additional 10% off total bill. T&C apply.

4. Wah Chan Gold & Jewellery Valentine's Day promotion from now till 14 February 2016. T&C apply.

5. Fotokem Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia) CNY sale from now till 27 February 2016.T&C apply. 

6. Uniqlo Malaysia : Enjoy a special promotion for LINE FRIENDS UT and get RM10 off with every purchase of 2 pcs of LINE FRIENDS UT collection from 12 -14 February 2016.



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