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Title: 即时新闻!亚航调整行李托运费
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根据最新消息,亚航将会在2016年1月28日起调整行李托运收费! 消息指,若乘客在预订机票时一并购买行李托运,那么可获得较便宜的价格。若乘客在预订机票后,再通过Manage My Bookin...

消息指,若乘客在预订机票时一并购买行李托运,那么可获得较便宜的价格。若乘客在预订机票后,再通过Manage My Booking购买行李托运,那将需缴付比前者更昂贵的行李托运费。至于前往柜台购买托运行李将需缴付更加昂贵的费用。



1. 在购买机票的时候一并购买行李托运,只需缴付RM 45的行李托运费。

2. 透过Manage My Booking 购买行李托运,需缴付RM 52。

3. 透过柜台购买行李托运,需缴付RM 355。

AirAsia is revising its baggage pricing effective January 28, allowing passengers to save more money if they purchase checked baggage when making their flight reservations.

Passengers who buy their checked baggage after booking their flights, such as through the Manage My Booking page, will have to pay a higher price, the budget carrier said.

But AirAsia added that both methods were still cheaper than buying checked baggage at the last minute at the airport counter.

As an example, with the new fee structure, passengers of a one-way flight from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore would have to pay RM45 if they bought 20kg of checked baggage when booking their flight.

If they booked the checked baggage later through Manage My Booking, they would have pay RM52. But if they booked it at the airport counter, they would pay RM355.

AirAsia said the new pricing structure applies to all flights except bookings made from flights originating from Indonesia.

It also applies when passengers pre-book or upgrade their checked baggage using other booking channels such as Live Chat or call centre agents after the initial flight booking process.

The complimentary checked baggage for India and Indonesia domestic flights remains at 15kg and 30kg complimentary checked baggage for Dhaka point-to-point flights, said AirAsia. – January 15, 2016.

(The Malaysian Insider)