AEON 免费派发Gift Vouchers

AEON 推出会员日特别促销。只要在2015年12月2日至3日前往AEON Mid Valley消费,即可兑换RM 5及RM 10的Gift Vouchers。


条件Terms and Conditions

1. 任何已经兑换Vouchers的收据,不能再兑现。

Receipts(s) which has been used to redeem for voucher(s) cannot be used again.

2. 顾客必须在消费的当天兑现Vouchers,否则将作废。

AEON Gift Vouchers can only be redeemed on the same day of purchase of merchandise. No claims will be entertained by AEON after redemption day.

3. 所有消费必须使用AEON会员卡。

All purchases must be made with AEON Member Card

4. 粉色收据可以合起来使用。

Pink coloured receipts obtained on the same day can be combines to a maximum of 2 receipts but must bear the same AEON member cardholder number

5. 在以下情况下将无法享有Vouchers 兑现。

AEON Gift voucher shall not be redeemed with purchases of AEON gift vouchers, AEON Rebate vouchers, AEON Mooncake Gift vouchers, Festive Hampers, Molly Fantasy, telephone cards, mobile prepaid cards, stamps, cigarettes, Easy Payment items, supermarket items, multimedia products, AEON Beauty Rewards

7. Cosmetic promotion, ARENA Restaurant, Daiso by AEON, Pasar Raya MaxValu and AEON Wellness.

8. The management of AEON Co. (M) Bhd., reserves the right to omit, add or amend these terms and conditions at any time without any prior notice. Any new or amended terms and conditions shall supersede the existing terms and conditions



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