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Title: 马来西亚小米双11大优惠,手机只需RM 1
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双11也就是11月11日,是中国的光棍节(单身)。配合中国双11电子商务大促销活动,大马小米也加入促销行列。 这是大马小米(Mi)第一次推出双11大促销。在双11到来之前,大马小米免费派送总计RM...

这是大马小米(Mi)第一次推出双11大促销。在双11到来之前,大马小米免费派送总计RM 500,000 现金券。大家可以在这段时间索取现金券,小米派发的现金券有RM 5、RM 10、RM 15和RM 30。大家一天只能索取一次,至于抽到多少钱的现金券,就要看自己的运气啦。



在11月11日当天,大家可以在特定时间内抢购RM 1的手机、充电宝、耳机、智能手环等科技产品。你没看过,就是RM 1。RM 1的科技产品大派送分为5个时段,分别是中午12点派发30份的小米电子手环、下午2点派发5份的小米Mi 4i 16GB、下午4点派发25份小米耳机、傍晚6点派发3份小米Note和晚上8点派发15份的小米充电宝。

除了小米,马来西亚其他网购平台也推出双11促销,查看详情:马来西亚双11 各大网购平台促销


Mi Singles' Day Campaign Guide
bit.ly/2015MiSinglesDayMY : This is the first time Mi Singles' Day Sale will be held for Mi fans in Malaysia. With RM500,000 Mi Cash Coupons in total value to be given away, RM 1 unbelievable deals & more, this is a sale you won't want to miss! Make sure you read every single details below and tell everyone about this awesome news! 

Mi Cash Coupons
All Mi fans can redeem Mi cash coupons once a day. Limited to 1 Mi Cash Coupon per Mi ID per day. Mi cash coupons will be valid during 10:00AM - 10:00PM on 11 November 2015. Mi Cash Coupons available :

RM 5 Mi Accessories Coupon (Applicable for Mi accessories)
RM 15 Mi Accessories Coupon (Applicable for Mi accessories)
RM 30 Mi Accessories Coupon (Applicable for Mi accessories)
RM 30 Mi all-access Coupon (Applicable for all Mi products)

Redemption Period : 3 November 2015 2:00PM – 10 November 2015, 10:00PM

Mi Singles' Day Sale
Mi Singles' Day Sale is a one day sale that will be happening on 11 November 2015 (Wednesday) from 10:00AM to 10:00PM. Discounts on Star Mi Products starts at 10:00AM and Redmi Note 2 pre-order starts at 12:00PM.

New Mi Products :
3 new Mi products will be available for sale during Mi Singles' Day
mi.com/my/note2/  Redmi Note 2* : RM649 
mi.com/my/pb10000/ 10000 mAh Mi Power Bank Gold/Red : RM59
*Pre-order Redmi Note 2 and be one of the first in Malaysia to receive it once it's shipped 14 days.

RM 1 Unbelievable Deals (5 Sessions)*
12PM Session : Mi Band (30 units)
2PM Session : Mi 4i 16GB (5 sets)
4PM Session : Mi In-ear Headphones Crystal (25 units)
6PM Session : Mi Note (3 sets)
8PM Session : 5000 mAh Mi Power Bank (15 units)

*Mi fans who successfully add RM 1 deals item into their shopping carts (check out within 2 hours) can purchase the specific product at RM1,  same warranty policy applies.

Eg: Once it's 12PM on 11th November, you may add Mi Band to cart. 30 Mi fans will be able to see that their Mi Band is priced at RM 1 in their cart. You'll then have 2 hours to check out your order if you're one of the Mi fans and you need to make your payment within 6 hours.

FREE Screen Protector and Casing when you purchase Mi Note
FREE 10000 mAh Mi Power Bank Silver when you purchase Mi 4i 32GB
FREE Battery Pack when you purchase Redmi 2
FREE Mi Bunny when you purchase more than RM 400 worth of Mi Accessories in a single order

Discounts on Star Mi Products
Mi Band : 10% off
Mi In-ear Headphones : 10% off
Mi LED Light : 20% off
Mi Band Strap : 20% off
Mi Headphones: 15% off
Mi USB fan : 20% off

Buying Guide
Head to mi.com/my/ on 11 November 2015 (10:00AM-10:00PM) and add your desired Mi products to cart, check out as soon as possible (While stocks last for certain Mi products) and you have 6 hours to make your payment. Online banking and PayPal is available as payment method. If your order value* is less than a minimum, you will incur shipping costs as follows:

EAST Malaysia - Orders below RM 100: RM 25 shipping fee
WEST Malaysia (including Klang Valley) - Orders below RM 100: RM 15 shipping fee
*This is applicable to Mi fans who successfully score a RM 1 Mi product from a specific flash deal

I need help!
Don’t worry! Our Mi Bunnies are here to assist you. You can reach out to us through different channels stated below :

Contact : 1-800-281-182 / 015-4840-7777
Webchat and email support will be available.



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@cwyh OI,这是网购消息,所以你可以浏览http://www.mi.com/my/events/1111/ 领取Coupons 和 网购。