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Title: Proton推出旧车换新车回扣
Author: Kuyhwon Tay
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配合普腾(Proton)30周年纪念,普腾推出trade ins优惠。只要trade ins 旧有的Proton车辆,即可获得回扣。 普腾公司(Proton)接受旧车款回厂(Trade ins),...
配合普腾(Proton)30周年纪念,普腾推出trade ins优惠。只要trade ins 旧有的Proton车辆,即可获得回扣。

普腾公司(Proton)接受旧车款回厂(Trade ins),不过只有在车主购买一辆新Proton轿车时,才能得到旧车车龄相等的回扣。简单来说就是旧车换新车。

普腾(Proton)将根据回厂汽车车龄来计算回扣数额。例子:车龄1年即回扣RM 100,车龄5年即回扣RM 500,车龄30年回扣RM 3000。越旧的车子,能获得越高的回扣。

值得注意的是,回扣将不是以现金的方式回馈给车主,而是在车主购买新Proton轿车时直接从新车价格 / 新车头期上扣除。

普腾接受所有车款,除了Saga SV MT。还有只有在购买2014年或2015年的车款才能使用这项回扣。回厂(trade ins)车款不一定必须注册在自己名下,可以是家人、亲戚或孩子的车子,不过在申请时必须有相关证明文件。



1. How does the trade in work?

RM100 rebate for every 1 year of age of old PROTON car. Example :- 1 year - RM100 rebate 5 years - RM500 rebate 30 years - RM3,000 rebate

2. When is the duration of this campaign?

Booking Period: Regardless until 30th September 2015 Registration Period: 9th July until 15th October 2015

3. Which model & variant are entitled for this campaign?

All PROTON models & variants are entitled for this campaign except Saga SV MT

4. Which year make of the car entitle for this campaign?

2014 and 2015 models.

5. Is the rebate offered on top of current promotion/campaign?

This rebate is only offered on top of Low/Zero Down Payment Rebate Campaign program only. It cannot be on the top to other campaign offerings.

6. Do I get cash from it?

No. Customers will receive a Rebate, which is not returnable not exchangeable for cash at PROTON's Sales Outlets. The rebate can be used as deposit or down payment for the purchase of the new car at the PROTON's Sales Outlets.

7. Who is entitled for discount on Loyalty Reward?

All Proton Car Owner (Registered under Individual Name for Private Used Only) with valid copy of registration card is entitled for the discount offered. The used car must be Proton made & can be registered under: - a) Owner b) Father c) Mother d) Spouse e) Children

8. What is the supporting document needed for customer to participate in this campaign?

Customer must provide relevant documents to proof relationship a) A Copy of Used Car Registration Card (Proton Model Private Use Only) b) Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate & etc is only required if the car is registered under immediate family as mention in item 8.