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Title: 青年房屋计划(Youth Housing Shceme),每月可得200令吉奖掖
Author: Kuyhwon Tay
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国民储蓄银行(BSN)与财政部合作,推出青年房屋计划(Youth Housing Scheme)简称YHS。 青年房屋计划推出的目的是为了协助首2万对25岁至40岁之间的夫妻购买首间房屋。该计划的...
国民储蓄银行(BSN)与财政部合作,推出青年房屋计划(Youth Housing Scheme)简称YHS。


在青年房屋计划下,青年夫妇每月可获得200令吉奖掖,以缴付每月贷款,奖掖将长达2年。透过这项计划,青年夫妇也可豁免50%房屋印花税。200令吉奖掖将透过BSN的GIRO / GIRO-i户口派发。申请者也可申请从公积金第二户口提领部分存款做为房屋买卖所需。

更多详情可拨打BSN热线1 300 88 1900。

这里也提供3个衔接,让大家获得更多消息:衔接1衔接2 和 衔接3


1. 可获最低RM 100,000,最高RM 500,000的房屋贷款

2. 可获得100%房屋价格贷款

3. 每月可得200令吉奖掖,长达2年

4. 低房贷利息(低于市场利息)


1. 大马公民


3. 家庭月收入不超过RM 10,000

4. 第一次购买房屋者

5. 房屋贷款供期最多35年或房屋拥有者年龄最高至65岁


1. BSN房贷申请表格

2. 房屋购买合约相关证据

3. 身份证副本

a. 打工一族

4. 最新3个月的薪水单

5. 最新3个月的银行statements

6. EPF Statement

7. 雇主工作聘请信函

8. EA / EC Form(收入证明)

b. 自雇人士

4. B/BE Form 和 LHDN Receipt

5. SSM 的Registration Letter (开店者)

6. 最新6个月的银行statements

7. 其他相关文件

c. 联名申请者

4. 双方身份证副本

5. 最新3个月的薪水单

另外,RUMAWIP房屋计划在开放申请中,有兴趣的民众可以浏览 申请RUMAWIP的方法
一马房屋(PR1MA)也有11个地区开放申请中,申请方法请看 申请PR1MA的方法

Youth Housing Scheme

Youth Housing Scheme is a first-time home ownership scheme for married youth aged between 25 to 40 years with household income no more than RM 10,000 per month.

Loan Benefits

»   This facility is offered for financing a purchase of property either completed,
     under construction or sub-sale.


»   Malaysian citizen

»   Aged 25 to 40 years old (subject to age limit of not more than 65 years old at
     the end of the Loan period)

»   Married
»   Household income no more than RM10,000 per month
»   First time purchaser
»   Individual / Joint Loan
»   BSN GIRO / GIRO-i account holder
»   Proof of purchase

Required Documents

 BSN application form
»  IC copy
»  A valid marriage certificate
»  Salaried Applicant / Co-applicant (spouse only)
    -  Latest 3 months payslips
       Note: For single application, spouse of the applicant must submit one (1) copy of the latest payslip
   -  Latest 3 months bank statement
   -  Latest 6 months payslip and bank statement (other income)
   -  EPF statement

»  Self Employed Applicant / Co-applicant (spouse only)
    -  Company’s registration (SSM)
    -  B/BE Form + LHDN Receipt
    -  Company’s Financial Statement
    -  6 months company bank statement
    -  Other documents i.e site visit report etc.

»  Proof of purchase consisting of a copy of Property Sale and Purchase Agreement(S &P), which has been stamped.
    If the S&P has not been completed, the deposit receipt /pro forma purchase orders is acceptable for the purpose
    of approving the application
»  A copy of valuation report (for the purchase of completed property from individuals / non-developers) of BSN panel valuer
»  Master / Individual title (if any)
»  Statutory Declaration (SD) for the purchase of the first house and self-occupied
    Note: The statutory declaration must be signed by the applicant and co-applicant/ spouse (if not co-applicant)


Property Price
»  Minimum: RM 100,000
»  Maximum: RM 500,000
Margin of Loan
»  Property: Up to 100% of the purchase price/ market price (whichever is lower)
»  MRTA: Up to maximum 5% of the purchase price/ market price (whichever is lower)
Loan Period
»  Minimum : 5 years
»  Maximum : 35 years (subject to age limit of not more than 65 years old at the end of the Loan period).
Interest Rate
»  Pricing range between BR+0.45% up to BR+2.85% depending on the customer’s profile and property location.
    Note: Current BR is 4.10% p.a.

Late Payment Charges

Monthly Installments in Arrears  ×  1%  ×  Number Of Days Overdue

Stamp Duty

»  Principal Documents - Will be charged on ad valorem basis.
»  Other Documents – RM 10